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How to Use "Ichigo Candy" for Junior Idol Videos


I want to enjoy the image videos of junior idols to my heart's content.

I love to watch erotic videos of cute girls wearing clothes.

For those people, I recommend this video site, "Strawberry Candy".


Source: Strawberry Candy

This page will introduce strawberry candy and how to use them.

Features of strawberry candy


IchigoCandy is a top class idol and treasure video distribution site!

It is the successor site to "Ichigo Daifuku" which was originally very popular among pedophiles.

The features of IchigoCandy include the following

We have a wide variety of idol videos.

If you want to see junior idols, you have to start with Strawberry Candy! If you want to see junior idols, you can't go wrong with Strawberry Candy!

The site also has a wide selection of slightly extreme image videos and erotic videos, including some that are out of print!

In the case of out-of-print or banned works, it can directly lead to problems such as "I wanted to see that work, but I couldn't buy it..." or "I was under 18 when it was sold, so I couldn't buy it...".

You may be able to find such a work at Strawberry Candy!

There are also other videos that are hard to find, such as scandalous treasures!

Post at least two films every day!

They are posting more than two videos every day and increasing their monthly volume by more than 100 videos.

Whether it's 100 videos per month or not, it's true that he posts at least 2 videos every day!

You can check it from the official website update information.

You'll be able to enjoy HD quality on par with DVD!

You can download it in WMV format!

It's not as good as Full HD, but you can still enjoy the details in HD quality.

You can enjoy your favorite scenes from your favorite junior idol videos in high definition!

There are also very rare works for Premier Platinum members...

We're also distributing ultra-rare and extremely dangerous videos for high-level members!


If you look at this banner ad, you will see a video with the word "Platinum" in the tag.

That's the video for Platinum members only.

As you can see, there are many videos for Premier or Platinum members.

There are about 3,250 titles in total, and about 750 of them are exclusively for Premier members and above.

More than half of the videos are limited to Platinum members.

About Strawberry Candy's various plans

Strawberry Candy has three types of membership plans: Standard, Premier, and Platinum.

The further to the right, the higher the plan.

Comparison of membership plans

Membership PlanStandard MemberPremier MemberPlatinum Member
General Works
Ultra high-definition and high-definition films
Premier Limited Edition×
Platinum Limited Edition××
Batch DownloadOnly for 2 weeks from the release date
Download restrictions6GB/day8GB/day12GB/day

Reference: Strawberry Candy Member Registration

As a matter of course, there are more rare works in the Premier and above limited edition videos than in the standard videos.

There are also videos that were purchased for 10,000 to 20,000 yen when they were sold.

So the biggest advantage of being a Premier or Platinum member is the ability to watch limited videos.


Other than the right to view limited works, what's important is that there are restrictions for standard members to download a batch of works, and the download limits are different.

Batch download means that you can download all the videos of a work at once, not by parts.

This may not be a concern for those who download every day, but it is a concern for those who want to take their time and enjoy each video.

About the subscription amount for membership plans

The amount is as of August 7, 2020.

Platinum Member

As an Express Platinum member, you will receive
Platinum members can watch
Platinum Express Platinum members will be able to watch

*Premium members can also be automatically upgraded to Platinum members and watch Platinum-only movies after 91 days of continuous use.

first time
$215  $185
first time
$395  $365
Premier Member$64$125$185$365
Standard Member$39$75$110$215

There is a $10 enrollment fee for the first class only.

Reference: Strawberry Candy Member Registration


As you can see by comparing the Premier and Platinum memberships, the amounts are the same if you have been a member for more than 90 days.

The cheapest membership is of course the Standard membership.

How to pay?

Membership fees can be paid by credit card.
We accept VISA, Master Card, JCB, American Express, and Diners credit cards.
Please be assured that your credit card statement will not show the name of the site or anything that would make you think it is an adult site.

Quote: For those who are new to strawberry candy

It's credit card only, but I like that it's not labeled as an adult site.

Should I join as a Premier or Platinum member first?

If there are videos you want and you are willing to continue using the service, you can save money by signing up for Express Platinum Membership 90 days or more to become a Platinum member.

Especially right after you join, you will have the most videos that you want to download.

Therefore, it will be easier to enjoy the Platinum membership, which has a looser download limit per day.

Of course, it is up to the user to upgrade to a 30-day membership after seeing how it goes.

Is it possible to start with a standard membership?

To be honest, I don't recommend the Standard version.

This is because, as mentioned earlier, there are restrictions on bulk downloading.

It takes a lot of time and effort to download, which affects your motivation to enjoy videos.


That's also the reason why I have to add my finger to the list of movies I want to watch on Premier and Platinum.

I can't watch more than half of the movies. The dilemma is that the more you watch, the less you can watch.

I also couldn't watch the videos that made me think, "This girl is cute, I'll watch her.


The price is reasonable at $39, so it is for those who want to try it out.

Can I upgrade from Standard or Premier to Platinum?

This is possible at any time. However, an upgrade fee will be charged.

This is unless you have been with Premier for more than 91 days.

It is a very expensive fee, so if you are considering upgrading in the middle of the program, it is safer to read carefully and think about it.

The following three patterns are quoted from Strawberry Candy.

Upgrade from Standard Membership to Premier Membership

You can upgrade from a Standard membership to a Premier membership.
You will be charged the upgrade fee ($40) and the difference between the Premier and Standard membership rates.

Upgrade from Standard Membership to Platinum Membership

If you are a 90-day Standard or 180-day Standard member, you will be charged the upgrade fee ($100) and the difference between the Platinum (Premier) and Standard membership rates.

If you are a 30-day Standard or 60-day Standard member, you will be charged the upgrade fee ($120) plus the difference between the Premier and Standard membership rates.
If you are a 30-day Standard or 60-day Standard member, you will be charged the upgrade fee ($120) and the difference between the Premier and Standard membership rates. You will also be required to change your membership term to a 90-day or 180-day Platinum membership from the next renewal payment.

Upgrade from Premier membership to Platinum membership

An upgrade fee of $60 will be charged to Platinum members who are 90-day Premier or 180-day Premier members.

An upgrade fee of $80 will be charged to Platinum members who are 30-day or 60-day Premier members.
If you are a 30-day Premier or 60-day Premier member, you will be charged an upgrade fee of $80.

About upgrading from Standard to Platinum membership

To be honest, upgrading from a standard membership to a platinum membership is not recommended from a monetary standpoint.

The reason is that paying the upgrade fee is more expensive.

So even if you are a Standard member with a 30-day membership, it would be cheaper to become an Express Platinum member once you cancel your membership.


If you want to change from a Standard membership (30 days) to a Platinum membership (90 days), the calculation is: Standard membership (30 days) + initial registration + upgrade fee + 30-day difference + Platinum 90-day membership.

So, let's say

$39+$10+$120+$25+$185 = $379

That's $379.


If you quit your Standard membership and then rejoin, it will be Standard membership (30 days) + initial registration + Express Platinum membership (90 days) + initial registration.

$39+$10+$185+$10 = $244

That's a big difference of $135....


This is another reason why it is not recommended to start with Standard.

Unless you want to keep using the same ID, it's rather more economical to settle again.

How to register for Strawberry Candy

Membership registration is so easy that anyone who can type on a computer can do it.

Select the plan you want from the links below and click on "申込み(=Apply)".

Click here to register for Strawberry Candy.


Quote: Strawberry Candy

As you can see, for example, if you want to become a standard 30-day member, just click on "Apply" where standard and 30days intersect (to the right of $39).


Quote: Strawberry Candy

Set your e-mail address and password, and click "Confirm Input.

After the confirmation screen appears, click "Apply".

After that, you will suddenly be redirected to the EXPRESS BILL page, but don't worry.


Quote: Strawberry Candy

This is the credit card payment screen.


After that, you can register your credit card for payment, and you should receive an email to complete payment and membership registration.

After that, it's time to have some fun!

I hope you enjoy your time with these beautiful girls!



-Service Introduction

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