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Many close-up scenes!A video of Rikako Yamada in all her extreme glory!


This is an image video of Rikako Yamada, a very cute junior idol with big, clear eyes!

You'll be thrilled to see her frolicking in the ocean, pool, open-air bath, and many other places!

You can't help but be thrilled by her excitement as she frolics in the ocean, pools, and outdoor baths.


My personal favorite scene is the open-air bath at the end.

Maybe it's because there's not too much light, but it's nice to see Rikako's clear skin more beautifully.


This work is also one of the works that was discontinued rather quickly due to its extreme nature.

Perhaps that's why it doesn't seem to come up in auctions very often.

Some rental stores and second-hand stores in Japan still seem to have it, so if you are interested, you may want to look for a store near you.

Is it hard to find outside of Japan?


I downloaded it from a video streaming site. I wanted to watch it right away.

I wanted to see it right away, so I went to Strawberry Candy, which is also featured on this site, to get it.

In addition, I was given permission to cut it out as a sample, so I prepared a sample movie.

This is the opening part, but I think you can get a feel for it.

Click here for Rikaco's distribution.


For more information about strawberry candies, please also see the following article.

Strawberry candy is known as "Ichigo Candy" in Japan.

How to Use "Ichigo Candy" for Junior Idol Videos

I want to enjoy the image videos of junior idols to my heart's content. I love to watch erotic video ...



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