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Enjoy Gutsy Beautiful Girl Maria in Knee Highs! Highly recommended!

Knee-High Collection - Absolute Area - Maria

She's a beautiful girl, and I'm sure she's a beautiful girl.

This is a project that will make any maniac salivate to have such a cute girl wear knee highs all the time. This is "Knee High Collection - Absolute Region"!


Anyway, the whole story is cute, isn't it? Maria-chan.

I can't help but notice the parts other than her face, including her thighs and small buttocks that can be seen from her main knee-high outfit....

And the fine skin peculiar to elementary school kids is so nice!

It looks like she was just 11 years old when she was sold. So she must have been ten years old when the photo was taken.


Personally, I was most impressed by the scenes in school uniforms rather than swimsuits.

In my opinion, the absolute region is best in a school uniform. I'll admit to disagreeing.

The scene after that where she shyly takes off her school uniform is also very good...!

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As a side note, Maria was once a member of the band "BRATS", which was originally formed by sisters Aya and Rei Kuromiya.

It seems that she quit the band and her talent activities due to family reasons.


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Sample Movie

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Introduction of the work (by video distribution site)

Knee-highs that fit her long, thin legs perfectly!

She's still a little girl, but she's ready to have some fun!


First, she appears in a white transparent negligee, a green bikini, and white ballerina-style knee highs.

Lying on the bed staring at you, she looks as cute as a doll!

She takes off her white negligee and poses! The skin of this beautiful girl is so tight and bouncy, it's mesmerizing!

In the next scene, she appears in a red bikini with rabbit ears!

In the next scene, she appears in a red bikini with rabbit ears, and you can't help but be glued to her as she licks a large candy cane!


She also shows off her school uniform in the scene starting at 22:34!

She wears a navy blue vest over a white shirt and a red skirt, giving the image of a student in early spring!

She was only 12 years old when this was released, but I wonder if this is how she went to school every day in junior high school!

If I had a girl like her, I'd be thrilled every day!


As we move indoors, Maria starts undressing from her school uniform.

She unties the ribbon around her chest and unbuttons her shirt to reveal a white bikini!

She looks so cute as she holds her face in her hands in embarrassment!

At the end of the video, there is even a bonus video that shows her body in each outfit for a full-body close-up.

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