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Nipple-less skirts and stains on swimsuits! Excessive and premiere works!


Here's a title that was so extreme that it became a hot topic when it was first sold, and of course it was banned!

This is the video of the elementary school junior idol Rikako Yamada that we introduced last time, and it is yet another extreme work.

This is another extreme work.

Many close-up scenes!A video of Rikako Yamada in all her extreme glory!

Rikaco This is an image video of Rikako Yamada, a very cute junior idol with big, clear eyes! You'll ...



One of the most talked about scenes was the balance ball scene in the latter half of the movie, where she was wearing a high-legged swimsuit!

In the second half of the scene, she is playing balance ball in a high-legged swimsuit, and you can see her derriere and even her blemishes!

In addition, in the early part of the swimsuit changing scene, the nipples are poked and sketched.

The whole thing is only about 50 minutes long, which is normal for a video, but the content is pretty good!


It's a work that has been premiered to such an extent that it is traded at a very high price, such as the most recent Yahoo!

In addition, I'm a registered user of Strawberry Candy, so I was able to download and enjoy it.

It took a little initial investment, but I am quite satisfied with the service, since I am able to enjoy various videos in addition to the ones I introduced last time.

The link to "Ichigo Candy" is below.

This is a Japanese site. Please translate as appropriate.



In fact, you need to be a registered member in order to watch "Ichigo Candy".

For more information on how to become a member and how much it costs, please refer to the article below.

You can download all the videos you want for 90 days for about the same price as you would pay for a DVD of this movie. (Of course, there is no package, but...)

How to Use "Ichigo Candy" for Junior Idol Videos

I want to enjoy the image videos of junior idols to my heart's content. I love to watch erotic video ...






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