Video work of a girl with shaved legs being molested on a train!

[Train Molester] *"Please put your cock in me..." A super honor student made a shocking comment in the train! The first verbal molestation of Yuzu Kosho

This is the latest video from Yuzu Kosho, who continues to post videos as good and popular as Masirito's on the market, and it's quite erotic!

It's always the neat JK style girls that get molested, but this time there's some verbal abuse!

As the title implies, a molester with a voice begging for his cock to enter her is more exciting than usual!

I'd love to be molested by a girl like this. I'm still jealous!

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Sample Movie

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◎December 22, 2020: Gray P coat, navy blue blazer and checkered skirt/England ribbon and checkered scarf

~02:15 - 02:15: Escalator near a certain private railway station (standing behind the subject and photographing her thighs as if licking them) → station ticket gate → stairs → station platform
02 min. 50 sec. to 03 min. 25 sec.: A photographer lightly touches a subject's buttocks with the back of her hand on her skirt in a car and grasps her hand as she tries to get rid of it.
03 min. 30 sec. to 05 min. 30 sec.: *The photographer puts her hand inside the skirt and touches the honor student's smooth thighs and the clitoris area from above her pants (the subject fidgets with her legs).
05min. 40sec. to 08min. 05sec.: *A photographer uses a penlight-type rotor to slowly work on a girl's pussy from the top of her pants, then shifts her pants and applies the rotor directly to her pussy.
08min 10sec - 11min 10sec: ★★When she puts her hands inside her pants and touches her ass and pussy, she can hear the sound of her pussy juice.
11 minutes 10 seconds to 11 minutes 25 seconds: ★★★ It's hard to hear, but "Can you feel how wet it is? 11 minutes 10 seconds - 11 minutes 25 seconds: ★★★The subject responds to the verbal abuse with an upset, "I'm sorry..." ★★★
11 minutes and 30 seconds to 13 minutes and 05 seconds: ★★ He takes his erect penis out of his pants and rubs it against the subject's pants, then asks, "What's going on with your penis? and makes him hold his penis.
13min 10sec - 14min 05sec: ★★She cuts the side of his pants with scissors and takes it away, revealing his wet and shiny pussy
14min 05sec - 16min 05sec: ★When I play with her clitoris and finger her, she can't hold back her moans.
16:15 - 17:10: ★The photographer twists a mini rotor into a soggy pussy
17min 10sec - 17min 55sec: ★The subject rubs his penis directly against her vagina while holding the mini-rotor inside her.
18:00 - 19:25: ★★While holding a mini rotor inside her vagina, she inserts a penlight-type rotor into the handle of the rotor and presses her vagina and clitoris at the same time.
19min 35sec - 21min 09sec: ★★Inserting a pink rotor into the vagina and stimulating the clitoris with an electric motor
21min 10sec - 23min 40sec: ★★★The subject comes convulsively when she is told "It's okay to come if it feels good" and "When you come, you have to say it properly.
24min 35sec - 25min 50sec: ★★★★ The photographer inserts a fibre scope camera into the vagina and films the inside of the subject's pussy after she has just come. ★★★★
26min 10sec - 28min 35sec: ★★★The subject comes shaking and wobbling while saying "Excuse me...I...I...I...I...I...I...
28min. 40sec. to 29min. 05sec.: ★★★The perverted photographer who plays with her pussy, saying "It's so squishy.
29min. 20sec. to 30min. 18sec.: ★★★The subject begs, "Please put your cock in me," when asked, "Tell me what you want me to do," while rubbing her fully erect penis against her crack
30min 20sec: ★★Inserting a raw and ticklish penis into the vagina★★★
30min 30sec - 33min 55sec: ★★An honor student who is made to say, "My cock feels so good...
33:55 - 34:15: ★★★They come together and ejaculate into the vagina
34:15 - 35:05: ★When she pulls her dick out, cum drips out of her vagina
35min 05sec - 35min 20sec: ★The photographer chases after the pantyless subject as he gets off the train and runs up the stairs to leave
35min. 20sec.: ★The photographer brings the frightened subject into the bathroom
35min. 50sec. to 36min. 25sec.: *Subject being made to take off her coat and scarf
36min. 25sec. to 37min. 45sec.: ★A perverted photographer strokes his subject's hands and hair as if loving her, then sticks his fingers in her mouth
37min. 50sec. to 41min. 35sec.: ★The photographer takes off her uniform and cuts her bra with scissors and plays with her nipples with a tongue-shaped toy
41min 35sec - 42min 35sec: ★The filmmaker pulls up her skirt and stimulates her clitoris with a tongue-shaped toy
43:00 - 46:05: ★★The subject puts her hands on the wall and says "Please put your cock in me.
46min 15sec - 46min 55sec: ★★Honors student squatting on the floor and sucking hard on his dick★★★
47:00 - 48:40: ★★Sitting on the toilet and stimulating her pussy with an electric masturbator, she comes again★★
48min 45sec - 50min 10sec: ★★★Inserting an electric vibrator into her vagina and stirring it makes her come continuously★★★
50min 15sec - 52min 30sec: ★★★He makes her lie on the dirty floor of the bathroom and begs her to let him put his cock in her, and he inserts it for the third time today.
52min30sec - 54min00sec: ★★★The perverted filmmaker kisses the honor student's face when he pistons her hard.
54min 00sec - 54min 35sec: ★★Vaginal ejaculation after making the subject say, "Let me come inside..." ★★★
54min 35sec - 55min 50sec: ★★The photographer pulls his dick out and makes sure the cum overflows into the back of his vagina, then gives him a clean blowjob on his dick covered in pussy juice.

This is the first time I've ever seen such a thing.
*Video file: MP4 / 1920x1080 / 55min57sec / 1.84GB
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