Lolita game for Android! Your right hand will be used by your cute sisters!


Onichan, Migite no siyo wo kinshi shimasu!
Big brother, you are not allowed to use your right hand!


That erotic game where all the girls are adorable is now available on Android!

It's very practical to play now, and it's also a good pure sister moe game.

If these younger sisters existed in real life, I don't know what to say, but I'd feel empty.


The scenario is as simple as a moe game.

You protect your younger sisters and suffer a minor injury to your right hand, but they think it's serious!

You are banned from using your right hand for the time being, and your overprotective sisters suggest that we take over for your right hand.

What do you know, they even masturbate... That's the story. I'm really jealous (laughs).

The four sisters are all cute and have thin breasts. I recommend it for those who like small breasts!


The Android version is also available on DLsite and HBOX.

There was no difference in price, but both of them have frequent sales.

So, I think the price of this title may change from time to time.


By the way, I often buy erotic games on DLsite, but sometimes I buy doujin game apps in bulk on HBOX because there are more apps on HBOX.

Click here for DLsite

Click here for HBOX





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