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Reverse rape doujin RPG for masochists! A huge volume that lives up to its title!

出逢う女の子全てに犯されるRPG MAXボリューム!

It's a straightforward title, but as the title suggests, you, the protagonist (shota), will be targeted with the maximum volume!

The volume of the game is on par with a big game, not to mention a normal extraction game, with over 200 basic CGs, over 1000 differential images, and 190 scenes.

I was also surprised that the download size was only about 3GB, even though it was made by RPGツクール and had no movies.


The worldview of the story is that of a reincarnation into another world, where the protagonist flies into a world where women and men are respected.

So, when it comes to sex, women are on top!

Of course it's women's right to fuck!

It's a paradise for masochists, but it's a painful world for normal and sadistic people.


The girls that appear in the game range from loli to sisters to different races, and you will be attacked by a variety of girls with different personalities.

There is RPG combat, but of course you will be raped even if you lose to the enemy. Even if you lose to a boss, you will be raped.

Even the enemies have more than 3 scenes per character, and the town NPCs have more than 5 scenes.

The 37 main characters are fully voiced, which is also amazing.


The game has a difficulty level that can be played even by RPG beginners, so it can be used as an easy game.

A trial version is also available, so why don't you try it first?

You'll be raped as soon as you start.

You can see it in the sample movie.


The system unique to this work is also interesting.


System unique to this work
Imprisonment Event
An event that takes place when you are defeated by an enemy woman.
You must roam the city to have NPCs punish you.

Hospitalization Event
An event that occurs when you are defeated by a monster and are unable to pay for hospitalization.
Volunteer semen to NPCs in the city.

These events can be performed on almost all NPCs except the main NPCs.

I haven't seen many systems where if you lose to the enemy, you get raped by the townspeople.

Semen volunteers...that sounds like a lot of work.


If you are a masochist, please try it.

If you are a masochist, you should try it.

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